A Freelance Photographer, Blogger and of course, a developer.


To the life:

Witness and Preach the Life.

To the country:

Love its people, but never trust its government. Believe in revolution rather than evolution.


More contact information about me can be found on this page.



All my projects could be found on My GitHub Profile, most of which are unber MIT License. The collection of my works basically includes my personal open-source projects and some of my course designs I made during university study. If you are interested, please take a look at them and maybe give me a star :-)

  • dopamine, a simple and fast Python web framework which aims to help you build an app agilely.
  • Pomash, a lightweight blog system base on Tornado Framework.
  • Aam, a lightweight about-me-site generator (Yes, it's the one you are visting now).
  • College, a students' community.
  • Quantitative_Trading, some quantitative trading strategies for digital currency.


  • 2017~2021: Beijing University of Posts and Telcommunications undergraduate
  • 2019.09~Now: ByteDance Back-end R&D intern


  • Skilled in Python, Go
  • Familiar with C/C++, JavaScript/Node.js, HTML/CSS
  • Skilled in basic data structures, algorithms, network protocols and database
  • Familiar with web development, including but not limited to HTTP and scraping
  • CET-6